Saturday January 17th

Wanna Join Naildriver??

Naildriver News: We are still in the process of auditioning guitarists and vocalists for the band. Here's what we ask for: Guitarists: Must be well versed in metal. We are a thrash-based original metal band with modern influences. Must be open to jazz chordings and runs, and willing to learn. Professional level gear is a must, preferably tube amps. Rehearsals are one day (usually Saturday) per week, with 2-3 gigs per month. This is NOT a side project, must be committed to making the best original metal that we possibly can. Vocalists: Must be able to sing AND scream. Excellent sense of timing needed. Willing to be available for all rehearsals and contribute to the writing process. Above all, MUST be able to grab an audience in your hand and dominate them. Shoe gazers need not apply. If interested, visit and see our advertisement in the forums and respond as instructed. If you can't figure that out, then you are not right for our band. Thanks.

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