May 9, 2014 - Show Cancellation!!

SHOW UPDATE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Naildriver will NOT be playing at Around The Corner in Johnstown, PA, tomorrow night (Saturday, May 10). We sincerely apologize to Placid Promotions, The ECMC, and our friends in Hopscotch With Landmines and Black Sun. We fully encourage and hope that our fans will make the short journey to support original metal and the ECMC in their efforts to bring more original metal shows to the area! Thank you, and again, our apologies.

May 1, 2014 - Metal Deli AGAIN!!! AWESOME!!

If once is good, twice is nice!! Naildriver will be featured once again on The Metal Deli, Episode #142, beginning Monday, May 5th! The podcast will run through the week, and you'll be able to hear all nature of kickass unsigned metal bands from around the world, including us!! Your hostess Kimmi Rudolph will clear a table at the Deli just for you, so make sure to either listen via stream, or download to your mobile device!

April 18, 2014 - Naildriver On The HomeGrown Rocker!

Naildriver is the featured band on WRKY-FM's "The Homegrown Rocker" program, airing Easter Sunday at 8PM EST, with your host Jim "The Professor" Price! You'll hear an in-depth interview with the band, and the entire "WhiteDevil Chronicles, Vol. 1" EP during the show, along with an older tune you may never have heard! The show is also available as a podcast download by visiting this web address:

The show will be available for download about 2 hours after the show airs! We invite you to get a look into our world and see what makes Naildriver tick! Tell a friend and tune in on Easter Sunday!!

NAILDRIVER Featured on The Metal Deli!!

April 11, 2014 - METAL ALERT: This just in! Kimmi Rudolph, hostess of the Metal Deli, will be featuring NAILDRIVER on her show this coming week! You can check out her awesome show at and discover some kickass new metal that you haven't heard! We will be played on Episode #141, beginning Monday, April 14th!! Here's the show's playlist:

HURSEPOWER -- Fight Me RIKSHA -- Pulling Daisies THE BLACK CROSS BROTHERHOOD -- Megiddo TYRANNY THEORY -- Defeate EMOTIONAL FLATLINE -- Love's Sickness REST IN BEEF -- Homage to the Moon VANITY RIOTS -- I Love You (Almost As Much As I Love Myself) SAALYTHIC -- Butchered Bodies SLAVESTATE -- W.A.A.G. HELLDORADO -- Nasty Habits SCAR INC. -- Time Rots HATE STORM ANNIHILATION -- From The Inside Out **NAILDRIVER -- Enemy** FIST TO THE SKY -- Forever We Will Stand CLAYMORE -- Sorrow's Tear KILL RITUAL -- Unleashed AVERNUS -- Anastasia WAKING TERA -- MISS DEMISE BLACK FOR TOMORROW -- Within The Ruins DIES MALI -- My Father

Also, you can hear Kimmi's show on the following radio sites: (England) (Maurituis Island) and...

So we will be all OVER the internet this week! Tune in, show Kimmi and The Metal Deli your support, and get those HORNS UP!!

3-22-2014 - Wow.

What an absolutely amazing night it was at McGarvey's last night! As a band, we cannot begin to express our gratitude to everyone for their support of Naildriver, of McGarvey's, and of live original music! The show was a smashing success, and there are a TON of people to thank.

-First, thanks to Rich McGarvey and Jason Mittan for allowing us to wreak our particular brand of havoc in their place. Apologies once again to Jason for the circle pit, it just kind of happens when we play "Paper Soul, Polished Blade".

-Thanks to Rich Johnson for a spectacular job running sound last night! Rich was on point all night long, and made our jobs easy.

-Thanks to John Scarfone for putting the whole video shoot together and executing flawlessly. Kudos also to John's partner Marlena, who risked life and limb, crawling on top of speaker stacks to get the shots she needed. Also thanks to Chris Cayden for making the pilgrimage down from NYC to assist with video capture and inspiration.

-BIG thanks to our good friends in Writing Off Tomorrow for driving from Morgantown, WV to play this show with us. Great band, great sound, and they made quite a few new fans last night!

-YOU. Every single crazy person that showed up last night and rocked the house with us. You guys are the reason that we make music, and you fed us all night with energy that we did our best to give right back to you. Thank you for your belief in Naildriver and your undying support of Naildriver. We will continue to make the best music we can for you.

Okay, now for the fun part. We are in the process of culling together the footage from last night. If anyone would like to contribute video footage that they may have shot during "Seal The Exits", please feel free to contact us via email at

We will find a way to get to get your video to us, and hopefully get it included in the official music video. We will be collecting video through Monday, March 31st. If you want to see your footage in the video, please contact us ASAP and we will make arrangements.

Next up, Cumberland, MD next week! See you soon!

Kevin, Matt, Scott, Todd, Bushy.

Saturday July 19th, 2014
Aldo's Lounge
Altoona, PA
with Wrath of Typhon

Friday August 8th, 2014
Arena Sports & Entertainment Bar & Grill
State College, PA
with Behind the Grey, and It Is Written

Saturday August 16th, 2014
Route 22 Rock & Blues Festival '14
Huntingdon, PA

Saturday September 6th, 2014
Aldo's Lounge
Altoona, PA
with Wrath of Typhon

Saturday October 18th
Aldo's Lounge
Altoona, PA
with Choking Faith

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